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Ginjis! Ginjis everywhere!

I am only posting to say LOOK AT MY MOOD THEME ISN'T IT THE BEST? Here I thought mood themes were a paid-only feature so I never bothered with 'em. But now I have lil' Ginjis everywhere! Ehehee~


o hai LJ. I know, I never actually post in this thing, but holy fuck am I annoyed right now. Isn't it just wonderful how a stupid little misunderstanding that COULD have been easily avoided can just blow up in your face into a huge, unnecessary production that leave people angry at you and people you DON'T EVEN KNOW accusing you of making a fuss and bullying your way into things? UUUUGGGHHHHHHH.

mkay I feel a little better. Ranting is goooood. :'D

Writer's Block: Listen to This

If a friend asked you for some new music recommendations, what would you suggest?
Brett Dennen. He's way outside my usual listening tastes, but I was hooked the first time I heard him. I've also successfully recommended Rufus Wainwright in the past, and would be willing to try again. Oh, and the K.G.B. because they're fun and from what I've seen not a lot of people know about them. :/ And of course I'd have to recommend a bunch of my other favorites, as well as some anime/video game soundtracks because face it, they can be ridiculously awesome. For instance, I would gladly pimp the music Stewart Copeland did for the first three Spyro games because it's amazing.

Eh, this got a bit long. Whoops.

Writer's Block: Local Favorite

What's your favorite thing to show out-of-town guests when they come to visit?
Well, let's see, it's Vegas, sooo...everything? Seriously though, I love dragging people to the Excalibur and Caesar's Palace, mostly because then it gives me an excuse to go there. :D But then again, I've only really had one out-of-town guest that had never been here before, so..yeah. Lots of walking.
Why hello, my lovely yet oft-neglected Tamaki icon. <3

So a random, completely pointless and unfounded thought occured to me. I think the LJ comms I post art to secretly hate me or something. O:
No, see, hear me out. When I do fanart, I put effort into it, and if I don't like it then I won't post it to LJ, but if I do like the outcome and think other people in a particular comm will too, then I am happy to share. The most comments I've ever gotten on something I've posted here is two. ._. Yet other people come along and post things...to put it nicely, nooot really that great artistic-wise (gosh I feel like a bitch saying that) and yet it gets a whole bunch of comments.

Wow, three posts today. What the hell is wrong with me?

Writer's Block: I Can Relate

What fictional character do you most identify with?
My answer to this used to be Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket, buuut...it was really only a couple of things he said that made me feel that  way. I don't really know anymore. :/


Stolen from karomidras  because I can.

1. Pick your ten favourite albums.
2. Find Track 3 on each.
3. List them below.
4. Post this on your journal.

1.) Naked - Goo Goo Dolls (A Boy Named Goo)
2.) Poses - Rufus Wainwright (Poses)
3.) YYZ - Rush (Exit...Stage Left)
4.) Amigone - Goo Goo Dolls (What I Learned About Ego, Opinion, Art and Commerce)
5.) Darlin' Do Not Fear - Brett Dennen (So Much More)
6.) Here Is Gone - Goo Goo Dolls (Gutterflower)
7.) Tomorrow Comes Today - Gorillaz (..Gorillaz)
8.) Captain Max - the k.g.b (the k.g.b)
9.) Deku Tree - Koji Kondo (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time OST)
10.) Taika to Roudou - ..I don't know the artist, actually. xD; (xxxHOLiC: Manatsu no Yoru no Yume OST)

( Two of these also happen to be my favorite songs on their respective albums. Go figure. xD; )

P.S.: *shotdead for title, lulz*

Stupid weather. D:

If it doesn't rain today, I will seriously cry. Also, customer service people at David's Bridal are...interesting.

So, on the first evening, a pebble..

Sometimes...I wish people would just...stop trying to cheer me up over things when it won't do any good. It's sort of aggravating. *sigh* I know they mean well, I just...ugh. It's going to take time, and none of the well-meaning comments that have been directed at me over this particular matter have done anything for me.

ANYWAY~! Looking forward to Saturday, maybe it'll help get my mind off things. <3 And if not, AT LEAST I GET TO HANG OUT WITH AWESOME PEOPLE. 

Also I've been listening to lots of Trigun music today. Yum. <3


Laptop's dead, blah blah.

Just a quick update-thingy here. My laptop's video card is fried and it's currently in the hands of Geek Squad, sooo..it should be returning to me in..a few weeks, maybe less? I dunno. Thank goodness for warranties and they better be able to back up my files or I will be...displeased.